When the cook is sick and you have no rice

My husband who is the main cook of our family has been sick since New Years Eve with the stomach flu. This means that our girls and I have had to do the cooking. I’ve been down with Vertigo since the day before Christmas Eve which means we haven’t gone shopping since before then. Well the rice cookers (our girls) failed to tell us that the rice was almost gone. Now if you live in Hawaii the starch must haves are either (/or/and)rice and poi. Auwe! (Ah shucks)
What to do now? Got potatoes? Yes! Okay, we can have hash browns with our corned beef with onions and eggs! Ah, life is good!

4 Comments on “When the cook is sick and you have no rice

  1. Now I’m hungry! Lol. Lucky you have cooks.
    Hope Hale and you feel better soon and stay healthy. ❤❤

    • We’re doing better thank you, Hale was able to drive last night. I gave him aloe 2 days ago cause dad told me too, and it helped to settle his stomach so he could keep food and liquid down. Can you click the follow button on my homepage. Thanks for reading my posts. Love ❤️ you!

  2. He’s the best cook!!! I love everything he makes 🙌
    Good job rice cookers on the breakfast. Lol. Gotta take care mom and dad too. ❤️

    • LOL I don’t know, last night he kinda burn the custard pie, good thing it still tasted good! 😆

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