Music 🎶 Then and Now My Memories

Back Then,
Since the furthest back I can remember I have always had music in my life. I remember sitting on my grandfather’s lap with my cousins all around and him singing to us. I still have his ukulele passed from him to my mom to me. Every Sunday after church we would all gather at my grandparents house and music was always part of the night. As I got older I learned to play the ukulele, but not well. Others in my family are great musicians!

My dad’s side of the family would have gatherings with music too, but this side of the family were the Karaoke gang, my uncle had a mobile karaoke business, and my cousin was a contestant on Hawaii Stars. My cousins in CA had a rock band and traveled the world 🌎

I got married to a band geek, who plays multiple instruments, it just happened that way. I tell him, it was divine intervention that we met and got married. He played for 2 halau when we lived on O’ahu which kept us busy (I danced with both halau) but we had fun and learned a lot.

when our son came along, he was taught to play the ukulele, and got his own at 5. Since then he has had piano lessons, and learned to play the guitar 🎸 and bass on his own. He and his friends had their own ska band and came in second for the Brown Bags contest at their school.

Later (14 years) our daughter came, then three years after her the last two of children arrived. They all sing 🎶 and learned to play the piano (2 years), but the youngest is following in the footsteps of her ancestors, she is our musician. She and her dad do small gigs every now and then.

Healing. When my mother was in the last stages of Alzheimer’s and stayed with us, it was the music that brought back the mom that I remembered singing while she cleaned the house, or worked in the yard. She would sing along with my husband, and even play Grandpa (the name I gave my grandpa’s ukulele) and for a brief moment be in the present with us.

The next generation. Now our grandson is carrying on the music 🎶 He is learning to play the violin 🎻. I look forward to the day when we will be able to hear his music.

2 Comments on “Music 🎶 Then and Now My Memories

  1. I loved this! Music has sure been a HUGE part of our family. listening to uncle play always puts a smile on my face and brings back so many memories. When uncle sings all the bad in the world or whatever is heavy on my shoulders disappears. He’s by far my most favorite musician. And now Marsie!!! She’s so talented. She can jam and sing. The next Halemano to make my heart smile when she plays. I love that girl.

    The part about grandma made me all teary eyed. I remember her birthday bash she was dancing in her chair. Every morning she’s wake us up with her music and singing and then “come eat!” She’s continue her dancing and singing while sitting on the carpet and picking every little thing up. Some days while I’m cleaning I throw on the songs I’d remember hearing her sing and sing and dance and clean like she did lol. It’s always more fun that way.

    • Yes, I cried writing that part about grandma, but it’s good memories 😀

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