Why I haven’t been posting much on Facebook

Aloha Kakahiaka,

I haven’t been posting much on my Facebook and Instagram (only the drawings) because I have been doing my postings on my blog page SmileMakeOthersHappy.com. I’ve mentioned it before but things get lost in the feed so I’m letting you all know again. Sign up for my email to follow me, no worries I’m not going to spam your inboxes for you to buy stuff. However if you want to enter the monthly contest (different every month) I’ll be sending the info on those to your email. (No I’m not giving away trips or big bucks, not yet at least).
It’s just my place to share what’s on my mine, a place that will hopefully bring a smile to your heart ❤️ that will show on your faces. 😁

Have a Smiley Day 😀

2 Comments on “Why I haven’t been posting much on Facebook

    • Thank you 😊
      I’m having the contest that has to do with my drawings. I’m going to give away a $5 gift card from Target. 😀

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