I planted kalo in a raised box a year ago (2017)

A year ago I planted kalo (mostly Lehua) in a raised planter box hoping for the best. A year later they are thriving despite me having to remove all the leaves due to a fungus that was making them all turn brown at the end of summer. The plants are still young, leaves only between 6-8 inches in length, but there are a lot of keiki (children, little ones) coming off the parent plant which is exciting because we’ll have more plants!

The picture above is of a New planter box that my husband built at the end of the year to place the Mau’i Lehua stalks that a friend gave to us. I’m pleased that they have adjusted to the altitude and climate here, each one having a new leaf sprouting. I’m excited!

Until the next time, have a smiley day 😃

2 Comments on “I planted kalo in a raised box a year ago (2017)

  1. You’ll need lots of planter boxes soon. Lol. 🙌💪 and your kalo makes some beautiful leaves.

    • I have 1 more box on the other side of the green house in front of the door that I will use when I harvest the keiki in the inside box.

      Thank you for reading and commenting. This way I know someone is following me 🙂 Love ❤️ you!

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