Flowers mirror people’s personalities

The weather is getting warmer here in Volcano, most days are in the mid 50s so the flowers are starting to bloom inside and outside of the green house 🏡 The orchids above were a gift from a year ago.


The mini pink roses that our 2nd daughter chose 2 years ago as her plant for the green house has bloomed abundantly last year and is continuing to bloom this year Our daughter like the mini rose, likes to be the center of attention, and look & feel good, but can be prickly like the tiny thorns (very, very tiny) on this rose bush.


The Dipladenia flower vine has started flowing again. I had to cut it back to a foot high stub when it got powdery mildew. This is the plant that our youngest daughter chose 2 years ago to add to the green house when we started the gardening adventure. Like this vine our youngest daughter takes her time reaching for the top of the trellis, putting forth a flower or two at a time to constantly show it’s beauty.

Our oldest daughter chose the yellow Lantana for the green house. I had to cut it back too, but it is green and lush, but no flowers yet. The Lantana has many tiny flowers that grow in a ball shape looking similar to a popcorn ball dipped in butter. It’s bright vibrant yellow reminded our daughter of the sun ☀️ which is part of her nickname “Sunshine” because her smile is as bright as the sunshine. I’l Post a picture of the Lantana when it blooms.

I don’t have a favorite flower, but if I really had to choose only one, it would be the Pikake, Jasmine. It’s smell makes me think of warm summer afternoons after a light rain has fallen and the slight breeze brings the sweet smell of the pikake. You can’t help but stop and take a deep breath of it’s fragrance and smile.

What’s your favorite flower? Is it similar to your personality?

May you have a fragrantly sweet day!







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