Toshi’s Okazuya

Toshi’s okazuya has been around since before I was born. We lived in an apt. Above the okazuya until I was two before we moved to “Da Lane” about a two minute walk away. Toshi’s has always been a part of my life growing up.

Toshi’s is owned by two sisters and named after the husband of the older sister. They both still work there along with a son.

Food from Toshi’s was a staple in our family. When we had a field trip we’d get to take A plate lunch from Toshi’s. Family/Friends came to visit unexpectedly, we’d get Toshi’s. On the way to school during my Intermediate/high school days we’d stop in at Toshi’s at least every other week for a snack. We go back to visit, gotta get some food from Toshi’s and say hi to everyone, and talk story while they’re  making our order.

When/If you go to Toshi’s be sure to go early. They open at 5:30 a.m. and usually run out of a lot of stuff by 8:30 a.m. so you gotta wait for the second round when they restock the food. They usually sell out by 11:00 a.m.

A lot of changes have taken place at Toshi’s over the years in their menu. My favorite shrimp and sweet potato tempura were the first to disappear from the menu, followed by the kombu (seaweed) wrapped around a piece of pork, and a gobo (burdock root) slice. Recently the kamaboko has also disappeared from the menu. I was told that the ojisan (uncle) who made the kamaboko got hurt and there was no one to take over. I told our son, you should go learn from ojisan how to make the gobo so you can make it for me. He declined.

I’m not sure how many more years Toshi’s will be around because the son is not going to carry on with the business. (I’ve asked him multiple times hoping he’d change his mind). Until they close I will continue to drop by once a year to buy some ono (delicious) grindz (food) from Toshi’s and reminisce about my childhood days and all the ono grindz and laughter shared with family and friends.

7 Comments on “Toshi’s Okazuya

  1. I LOVE TOSHIS!!!! The day Toshis closes I am going to cry and mourn and have a funeral service by myself. Lol

    • I know! That’s why I am sad that Thomas doesn’t want to take over. 😕
      I wanted the others to post comments here too, but they posted on Facebook 🤪
      Next week I’m going to ask them to post comments here and to share the post too. Monday is “Memories From Hanabata Days” posts. I’m slowly getting organized and more “ma’a” blogging stuff.
      Thank you for posting your comments here, love ❤️ you.

  2. Same Rocka!!! I going cry and mourn with you too!!! I need to visit more often so I can get as much Toshi’s as possible before they close their doors for good.

  3. Thank you for sharing this great blog! Everything you said was on point! It makes me so sad that Thomas won’t be taking over. Too many wonderful memories we’ve shared there growing up.

    • Dayna,
      It means frogface. 😁 Maybe I will blog about that in a future article.
      Mahalo for stopping by.

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