Changing a dining chair cover-not as hard as I thought.

The fabric on our dining table chairs were getting worn especially my chair. I had asked my husband to change it since he had done it before and he said he would. Six months later the fabric hadn’t been changed and was now just a flap sitting on the foam. Knowing my husband wouldn’t be able to get to it soon (he’s the scout master for our ward) I asked him if it was easy enough to do it myself, and he said yes I could, all I needed was a screw driver, staple gun, and material to cover the foam. Great! I can do this! Instead of going to buy material I used an old t-shirt that had a hole in the back. Next, unscrew the board seat from the frame. Easier said then done. It would have been faster if I had someone holding the chair steady while I removed the screws, same goes for screwing it back together. Next cover the foam with the new fabric (I used masking tape to hold it in place) then staple the fabric to the back side of the wooden back making sure you don’t staple your fingers or get them pinched by the staple gun. Place back onto the frame and screw it back on. If you’re wondering why Marvin’s picture is facing side ways, it’s because I didn’t know that there was a front and back to the board until I screwed it back on, I thought it was a square instead of slightly trapizoidish. I didn’t mind because I got the job done myself. 😁 Besides Marvin’s a spacey character any way. 😁

Have a smiley day! 😃

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