It’s NOT how much something cost, It’s how well you make it look

Growing up we got hand me down clothing from other family members. Some kids that I knew didn’t like hand me down clothes because they believed it was a sign that your family was poor. My mom, put it this way, “We aren’t poor (we weren’t), your cousins just grew to big for these clothes, now YOU are big enough to use them.” This made me feel happy because it meant that I was a big girl now just like my cousins.

Fast forward to the present. Our children loved getting hand me down or hand me over clothing from their cousins and they in turn would hand their clothes down. I would tell them, “It doesn’t matter how much something costs, it’s how well YOU make it look. people come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and personalities. What may look great on you may not look good on someone else.

 With that thought in mind last week we took our girls shopping (@ROSS) to celebrate them getting good grades for the first semester of school. They found these adorable skirts and decided to get them to wear to church on the following day. They each showed their individual taste and style and looked and felt fabulous, as evidenced by their radiant smiles.

Have a smiley day 😀☺️

2 Comments on “It’s NOT how much something cost, It’s how well you make it look

    • Mahalo (thanks),
      It was inspired because they all liked the same style skirt, but they all have their own personalities and it didn’t matter to them that it came from ROSS. Just like Will Smith said in MIB, “I make this look good!” Referring to the suit. They all had the same suit, but HE made it look good!😁

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