The Cat Needs A Home, Please Mom

A week before Halloween our daughter and her boyfriend found a little kitten on the side of the road drenched from the pouring rain. She begged us to keep her. Here she is at 6 weeks old with our tea cup (that’s what the lady we adopted him from said he was,but he’s more like a mug size) poodle Tigger.

I’m not a cat person, but ChibiGu (that’s what they named her. Chibi-little/small, Gu-short for Gucci our daughter’s boyfriend’s cat that ChibiGu resembles) has gotten bigger, almost as long as Tigger now. You’d think she was heavier than Tigger because she makes so much noise when she’s running around the house.

It’s different having a cat. Tigger doesn’t climb up on the dining table or kitchen counters (he’s too chubby) whereas Chibi needs to learn to stay off the dining table and kitchen counters. Any suggestions on how we can stop her from doing that? I know she can learn because she knows to go into the kennel with Tigger and wait for their treat (we don’t lock them in the kennel it’s our way of letting them know that we will be gone for an extended time). If she can learn that she can learn to stay off the dining table and counters.

ChbiGu likes to tackle Tigger which annoys him. We keep telling her that he’s really going to bite her one day.

ChubiGu likes to watch tv with us, staring at the screen every once in a while her head bobs up and down or side to side as if she is following the people on the screen.

For some odd reason she rather drink from Tiggers bowl. He doesn’t mind. Tigger and Chibi like to eat each other’s food too once in awhile. They don’t fight about it so we don’t fuss about it.

It’s been 3 months now, and ChibiGu has become a part of the family.



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