And the Winner for My First Contest Is, . . .

Don’t know how many people were following this contest but there were 3 people who were close for the first 2 weeks then 1 pulled away to win. Congratulations Charlie! You’re the winner of a $5.00 Target gift card! You got the most comments correct, 10. I had fun drawing and waiting to see who would guess correctly.

Stay tuned to see what next months drawing genre will be!

Ja ne, ke den 🙂

3 Comments on “And the Winner for My First Contest Is, . . .

  1. What what?!?!?! 😃😃😃
    I didn’t even know it was a contest! LOL
    I was just loved seeing all the pictures and shouting out what movie they’re from 😄 Studio Ghibli is my fave ❤❤❤

    • That’s too funny 😂 I think the others thought the same thing, but I did post about it twice so I thought everyone who was answering was participating. 😆
      Any way you’re the winner with 10 out of 18 correct answers.
      Unfortunately you won’t be able to enter February’s contest, you’d probably win that one too. I will be posting details tomorrow along with the first picture.
      Sent you gift card.
      Thank you for participating even though you didn’t know you were. 😆

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