Stars Above – Book Review

Author: Marissa Meyer


Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy

Like her previous books in the Lunar Chronicles Series, “Stars Above” is another “you can’t put it down once you start,” book for me.  The characters that I had come to love and said farewell too in the last book were all back again but at a younger age.

This book is the 6th and final novel (there are two graphic novels also) in the series, it chronicles the time when the characters first made contact with each other and how they came to be in the situations they were in when the first book “Cinder” opens to the epilogue after the book “Fairest” ended. This series puts a new twist on old fairy tales!

Recommended Ages: Pre-Teens to Adults

2 Comments on “Stars Above – Book Review

  1. Mika has cinder and I think she finished it cuz she’s asking me to go back to the bookstore lol. It’s been a while since I had a good read. I think I’ll give cinder a go.

    • It’s a good series, Michi brought Cinder, ur didn’t finish so I started and got hooked and finished the series. 😁

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