Blogging-What I Have Learned Since I Started a Little Over A Month Ago

A Decision to Blog

As far back as I can remember I have enjoyed writing. I would write little notes to practice my alphabets, as I got older I would write nonsensical stories at recess for my friends. When I started Intermediate school our English teacher introduced us to pen paling, the pre internet way of communicating with others around the world (the days of snail mail). This hobby grew as I moved on to high school when I acquired 100+ pen pals from all over the world (yes, I spent most of my allowance on stamps) that continued until one by one they stopped writing. Now I only have 6 that I write to via snail mail. 1 of which was one of my first pen pals. In high school I started to keep a journal to write down all exciting  happenings at school, the new friends made, old ones lost, the guy you had a crush on at martial arts class that stopped coming and showed up at your high school, and all the crazy things you did. Since then I have always kept a journal. Now with blogging comes a new way to keep a journal with this comes the ability to connect with a bigger audience and it will be here forever so if my great great grandchildren want to read about me they can just check out my blog and the bet thing is that it is written by me, first person, not someone guessing that this is what I said or did.


With Help and Encouragement From a Friend

I had been going back and forth on whether or not I should do a blog. Then one day I had mentioned it to my friend Vera and she said to “Go  For It!” That was back in November 2017. Vera had started her blog in November, she’s a wife and mother of 11 children. She’s the Queen of coupons! You can check out her blog page here: . Vera introduced me to Suzi from “Start a Mom Blog.” I brought Suzi’s E course “Blog By Numbers” and it taught  me step by step how to set up my blog and I was able to get things running the week before the New Year. On January 3, 2018 the official start of my blog commenced.


What I Have Learned Since I Started

There is a whole world that I didn’t know existed! The blogging community is HUGE! Despite it being a huge entity the bloggers (at least the ones I have met) are very helpful, and unique in their own special ways.

Blogging isn’t a competition, everyone has their own reason for starting a blog/vlog. I’m grateful that it’s not a competition!

You can take things at your own pace. I’m older than most bloggers and they are sprinting, jogging past me,as I fast walk along the blogging highway.

You can’t do things all at once.  (For me at least) Choose one area you want to work on ( Facebook, building your email list , affiliate program, etc) and concentrate on that.

Pace yourself. When I started out I wanted to do a blog everyday, then after a week I was stressing out about what to write (one of my blog pages was 365+1, meaning 1 post everyday)  and my husband gave me some counsel, “You can’t blog everyday, you’re going to run out of things to write about.” I love him. After my husbands counsel I decided to post only 5 times a week. Since then I have become more aware of what it is I want to blog about and have dropped from 260+1 to 208+1. Will I drop it down further. I don’t know, that’s the exciting thing  about blogging, you could add more days, or decrease those days. Now I’m not stressed about what I’m going to write about.

It helps me to keep my new Year resolution to practice my drawing. I had my first contest last month in which people had to guess the Ghibli movie I had drawn that day. I didn’t give away a huge prize ($5 gift card from Target). It was fun to see if they could guess the movie and who engaged in the contest. I’ve started the 2nd contest with the first drawing posted on Wednesday. (You can read the post about it).


Where I Plan to go From Here

This month I am concentrating on improving my Pinterest presence. I’ve had two pins get re pinned and that was a thrill for me, especially since I hadn’t been on Pinterest for years, and only used it to find prom dress ideas for our oldest daughter.

The second thing I will be concentrating on is finding another program similar to “Convertkit,” that is free and easier to use. Any suggestions?


That’s pretty much it for this time. I’ll be back in a month or two to talk about what else I have learned. Life is one continuous learning experience after another. I know Affiliates will be the next area I’ll be concentrating more on. What will you be working on?


A Hui Hou (until (we) meet again )

Have A Smiley Day 😁

14 Comments on “Blogging-What I Have Learned Since I Started a Little Over A Month Ago

  1. 🙂 Welcome to the blogging community. I feel you about pacing yourself that you cant do it all at once. I have been blogging since August 2017 and sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed. I think I might actually start a journal or a spreadsheet to keep track of everything – facebook groups right now is overwhelming to me. I need to get that under control because I notice it can be such a huge time sink. Good luck with pinterest! I am working on pinterest this month too… I feel like pinterest is the key to success in a lot of respects.

    • Mahalo (Thank you),
      I’m going to write another post about the unexpected happenings.
      Pacing is a must! I was spending more than 6 hours a day for the first two weeks, that’s NOT what I wanted from blogging. Yes, Facebook groups were the reason I was spending sooooo. Ugh time with my blog. I feel the groups I am a part of now are good. I think Pinterest will help with promoting my blog. I wish you much success!

  2. Welcome to the blogging world! I started my blog in July 2017 and it’s a lot of fun! I have a full time day job, so like you, I also had to limit the number of posts I publish each week. At first it was 3-4 per week, but now I publish once a week on mondays. Every once in a while I sneak in a second post. Time flies when I work on my blog – it definitely doesn’t feel like work! I agree with your husband…take it easy! It’s good to get a “savings” banked up of blog posts. You’ll find a comfortable publishing schedule. Just never give up, because you’ve got a talent!

    • Mahalo (thank you),
      This is one reason I like the blogging community. So far everyone I have met (virtually) has been nice and helpful! I think I may cut my posts to 3 times a week. Since I wrote this post more things have happened. I’m going to take your advice and have a “savings” bank of posts. Mahalo (thank you) for the encouragement! Much success to you!

  3. All great lessons! I’ve been blogging for 10 years now and when I started out I was clueless. You’ve packed in quite a bit in just a month. Work slow and in a targeted manner.

    • Mahalo (thank you),
      Wow, 10 years! I’m happy to hear that! That means I will have something to blog about for years to come! Thank you for the advice to go slow, because I felt as if I was being left behind. Continued success to you!

  4. Congrats on your progress and also recognizing that it is perfectly okay to take it at your own pace. It will all come together.

    • Mahalo (thank you),
      It is slowly coming along, I finally got a pin to be re pinned! That was a happy day! 😁
      Continued success to you!

  5. This is great! A beginning story rather than a massive success story is great inspiration for those of us that are just starting out. Thanks!

  6. Welcome! The blogging community is definitely diverse enough for you to identify the right spot for you. But, congratulations on taking the first step… actually starting! It’s usually the hardest thing to do. I wish you nothing but the best moving forward.

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