Plan For the Unexpected to Happen


I had last week (Feb. 12-17, ‘18) all planned out, I had written down what I would do each day of the week! I knew what pictures would go with which post, what activities I would participate in on the Facebook groups, what I would pin to Pinterest, and Instagram. Our family activities were all penned in (my husband and I knew who would be taking which child where they needed to go and when, etc.). I even had our dinner menus planned for the week (now that’s a miracle). It was going to be a perfect week!

The Unexpected 

Bright and early Monday morning before the sun began to rise we headed out to school and work (My husband with the two older girls and I with the youngest). 5 miles before I reached our daughters bus stop we got a call from my second daughter, this was a red flag because she rarely calls, preferring to texting instead. We were in an area with bad reception making hard to understand what she had to say. We were able to contact her  when we got to the bus stop. When we finally able to talk she informed us that they had been in an accident. They had been rear ended by a truck.

Switching  Gears 

From that moment my mind switched focus from my blogging to my families welfare. It didn’t matter that I had a blog post to write or boards to post to, my family needed me! I saw the youngest daughter off and headed back up the mountain to pick up our other daughters who were at  the crash site waiting with the officers because they had taken my husband away by ambulance. (I’m so thankful that they kept calm, one called 911 while the other called me). After talking to the officer and making sure the girls were okay, we went to the E.R. to find my husband. On the way to my husband he called to let us know that he was being released, there was NO spinal injuries or broken bones,but lots of muscle spasms. I’m grateful for morning prayers, because the condition the car is in, it could have been worse!

Catch Up

wednesday things settled down, everyone was back to work and school. There was no school for our girls on Friday (teacher work day) and Monday was a holiday. We took this opportunity to relax, doing house chores taking our time, keeping an eye on everyone to make sure all was well. Did a couple things on Facebook, and made changes to my blogging plans, one of which was adding this post in place of another, and posting it today instead of Monday (yesterday). I’m okay with that.

On Track

I’m back on track despite the unexpected changes which goes to show that it doesn’t matter if you’ve planned your day, week, month or year out, there will be delays, detours, bumps, and flats along the way. We can make the situation worse by stressing about it, or we can step back reassess the situation, change it, tweek it, or remove it. Take a break from the Chaos, then you can pick up where you left off, rewind, or skip ahead, the journey is yours, and having loved ones there to be a part of that journey is priceless!

Have A Smiley 😃 Week!



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