Dinner Conversation About Instagram

The Question 

Last night during Dinner (we do our best to have sit down at home dinner at least 4-5 times a week) I made a statement that went like this, “I really don’t know how people who have thousands of followers on Instagram keep up with everyone’s posts and reply to everyone. I only have 150+ followers and I have a hard time keeping up.” Our oldest daughter looked at me confused and asked, What do you mean keep up with people’s post?” I replied, “You know, reading them and commenting on their post.” All three girls replied, “You don’t.”


Okay, I know I’m still pretty new to Instagram, but their reply confused me so I asked other questions to clarify the statement, “You don’t.” First, “So when people post things how do YOU show them you liked what they posted?” Our middle daughter replied, “you hit the heart button and move on.” Okay, I’ve been doing that right. My follow up question, “How do you know if they read what you posted and not just pushed the heart button because they liked your picture?” They all shrugged their shoulders and said, “You don’t unless they leave a comment.” Exactly my point, with so many followers you can’t possibly read every single post. Then our youngest spoke up, “ You just like and comment on the ones you like and skip the rest.” Ah, (thinking in my head) now how do you get people to not only heart your post, but stay and read your it?


If I’m understanding this correctly, you have an Instagram account to get your message, products, and or talent out into the public domain. You want more followers to help advertise for you. Which is why you post at least once a day in hopes people will see at least one of your post and stop to read it, and hopefully share it with others.

Scary Realization 

This conversation made me finally truly understand why so many young people (especially those that have grown up in the social media era) are constantly looking at their phones. Technology is great, but I am seeing more disconnection.


My daughter’s taught me that it’s okay if I don’t like everyone’s post or comment on them because it is literally impossible if you have over 200+ followers  (unless you are super human,  which I am not). You need to make your posts eye catching to grab peoples attention to have them want to read what you have to say, and hopefully they’ll pass it on. It’s good to have sit down dinners (lunches, breakfasts, snacks) to connect personally with your loved ones especially your teenagers who can help you make sense out of social media and other subjects that only their generation understand, even if they do give you the “Seriously Mom,” look.

Now What’s this Snapchat all about? . . .

Have A Smiley Day 😁

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