By: Stephen R. Lawhead

Pages: 445

Genre:Fantasy, Historical Fiction

The Second of Five books in the Pendragon Cycle. This book follows the life of Merlin of the Faery Folk of the land of Atlantis as he narrates what his life was like from his birth, his years spent with the elusive Hill Folk, his short marriage that ended tragically which caused him to remove himself from the world of men, to return as the maker of Kings, who saved an innocent new born Child from being killed by his uncle, to the climactic event that ended with the sword of the future King of Britain embedded in stone.

This is the third time that I am reading this story. I like it because it shows Merlin as a more human character with a family, his failings, his fears, tears,  and his belief in Heavenly Father.

I hope you will enjoy this book 📚

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