By: Brandon Sanderson

Pages: 1242

Genre: Fantasy

Oathbringer is the Third book in the Stormlight Archives series. It continues the with the main characters learning more about their powers, as they come face to face with dark forces that will take them to the brink of their sanity as they deliberate on what is right, who to trust, and who to love. There’s a twist in the plot that I didn’t see coming, and a revelation about the Parshmen. Will there be a fourth book? Most definitely, because there are too many things unresolved.

I gravitated to the writings of Brandon Sanderson after reading the Robert Jordan “Wheel of Time” series that Brandon Sanderson completed at the request of Robert Jordan’s wife after he passed away. I was a bit hesitant and skeptical about finishing “The Wheel of Time” after Brandon Sanderson took over, but my desire to know how the series ended helped me to push my reluctance aside. I’m glad I did. B.S.’s Voice was similar to R.J.’s while adding his own. He kept the flow of the story intact.

I stepped into the World of B.S. with the insistence of my son who jumped first reading the “Mist Born” Series. He enthusiastically encouraged me to read the series and sent the books to me calling/ texting me each week to see if I had begun reading the books. Once I began I was hooked! Now, my son and I talk about the books and contemplate on how the stories will unfold. He had read more of the series so it’s hard for him to not give away the plot. Now I know how he felt when I didn’t give away the plot to the WOT.

Now it’s on to “Elantris” at the insistence of my son, before I return to complete the “Wax and Wayne” Saga.

Happy Reading!

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