By Brandon Sanderson

Pages: 555

Genre: Fantasy

This is Brandon Sanderson’s first novel that was originally published in 2005, I have the 10th anniversary edition that has 10,000 words of bonus content.

In this story Princess Sarene travels to the city of Arelon to wed her husband to be only to learn upon her arrival that the Prince has died. No one will speak of the Prince’s death, including his parents. Due to a clause in the marriage contract she is now a widow to the deceased Prince. As she becomes adjusted to her new home she discovers that not all is well in the place, and she sets out to find out what really happened to the Prince with help from his close friends.

The once handsome Prince Raoden has been thrust into the once beautifully majestic city of Elantris where the people and the city glowed with an inner light that could heal, but now the city has become the home of the outcast that have been infected with a disfiguring disease. They are locked away and shunned, placed in the city of grime, pain, and sorrow. Prince Raoden is determined to return Elantris to its former beauty and give the people a reason to hope for a better life as he tries to unlock the secrets to why the city’s magic disappeared.

To further complicate things is the arrival of the warrior priest Hrathen who has been sent to Arelon to convert the people to worship Jaddeth. His plans go wrong due to the interference of his oldiv Dilaf. As the story continues you see the subtle changes that happen to Hrathen.

I enjoyed reading this book. It has a strong, witty, and self-reliant Princess. The Prince despite having a tyrannical father is a good person who the people love having learned from good role models. In Hrathen we see the conflict in doing what he has been instructed to do verses what he feels is the right thing to do. At times Hrathen’s conflicts will make want to punch him in the face, while at other times you want to cheer for him. There are plot twists that keep you guessing and almost distract you from the appearance of Hoid. (If you are new to Brandon Sanderson novels, Hoid is a reoccurring character). Hopefully you will read this novel first to help you transition to the other novels.

Happy Reading! 😁


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