Our Travels to Kansai,Japan-Earthquake!

Day 9


While I was laying around checking the itinerary for the day the house befan to sway. The house is near the tracks so it swayed when a train passes by. However this time the swaying got more rocky and it began to bounce up and down. At this point we knew it was an earthquake and seconds later alerts went off on our phones throughout the house informing us that an earthquake was in progress. We didn’t panic due to being used to earthquakes having just left Volcano where we were having hundreds of little (M3+) quakes everyday since the lava began leaving the lava lake in Halema’um’u crater and bursting up in Leilani Estates at the end of May. We checked to make sure everyone one was alright (one of the kids were walking down the stairs when it happened). Minutes later we were receiving texts from Chieko, the owner of the rental and our kids checking to see if were okay and if we needed help. This put my mind at ease knowing we’d have help in case of an emergency. We reassured them that we were all okay. Later we learned that it was a M5.8 quake, 3 people were killed, others injured, fires broke out, and the rail systems were shut down.

No Rail Service 

The rail system were shut down when the quake hit and would not be running again until they had assessed the damage (if any) and repaired it. Since there were no trains or subways running we would be staying close to home. As we walked to the restaurant about a block away to eat breakfast (our son had eaten there days prior) we saw people walking along the tracks making their wavy to the station. Others were patiently waiting outside the entrances to the stations waiting for them to open. I heard one person ask the station attendant if they knew how long the trains would out of service. The station worker said he didn’t know, and another attendant put up a sign informing people of the closure. Some people left to catch a taxi or walk to the bus stop. Chieko was late for work, because she had to catch the bus. We were impressed with everyone’s patience. No one fussed, or grumbled (at least the people we passed), they just looked at their electronic devices, read a book, or talked with friends.

Ono (delicious) breakfast! And cheap!


To walk off breakfast we headed to a street over from the Radium Sento, near the base of Tsutenkaku Tower, to Tower Knives Osaka Hamono Kobo to purchase a sashimi knife for my husband’s friend. The owner speaks English well, and shows you how to sharp the knife is by having yslice a tomato, cautions you to be very carefully because the knife is really sharp, and shows you how to care for the knife. (Note: When we returned home my husband realized that he had gotten the wrong knife, he was supposed to get a left handed one. He contacted the owner via email and informed him of the mistake. The owner said he would gladly make the exchange. My husband sent the knife back, received an email a few days later saying the got the knife and had mailed out the correct one. The knife came and my husband gave it to his friend who was very happy, and said he was going to get a slab of Ahi and make some sashimi! My husband also got hair clippers ( for me), now I  an cut hair with ease!

She wasn’t impressed 😂

While waiting for my husband and son to make their purchases I took a cool picture of the sky. It’s it everyday you see a rain circle around the sun with a jet streaming through.

From here our group split in two groups. My husband and son went on an adventure to find a music store that was supposed to be nearby, and I took the kids to Don Quixote to buy gifts to take home. So much to choose, it made it hard to decide! My husband and son never did find the music store, but the found other interesting places, eating most of the time trying new things, some they liked and some they didn’t.

Lunch we went back to the sushi 🍣 restaurant and the guy remembered us from our previous visit, saying “Hawaii, you return, irrashai!” We didn’t get his name but we did get a picture with him in front of the restaurant! 😁 Before we left he said, “see you tomorrow Hawaii.”

Return to Spa World

Since the kids had expressed that they had wanted to go back to Spa World 🌎 and the trains and subway was not running we decided it was a good time to go back. This time we stayed longer in the water park area despite not being able to go on the big slides because they were close due to the earthquake ( someone was coming to inspect the slides for damage). We were able to leisurely enjoy the onsen having a short nap in the warm rest area. Sooo relaxing, it was hard to get up. Everyone (except me) finished with a fish pedicure. (I tried it at Oedo o se and couldn’t handle the tickling sensation of the fish nibbling on my feet).

This was followed by Ono Grindz (delicious food) at the restaurants in Spa World.

Fresh and clean with full stomachs, we headed home for a good nights rest.



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