Our Travels to Kansai, Japan- Nara, and Shinsaibashi

Day 10


With the trains and subways running again we headed to Nara to visit Kofukuji a World Heritage site and to meet some deer.

Now if you’re like me you’re thinking “Aw, deers are so cute! Like Bambi.” Wrong! There is another side to these deers! Buy a stack of deer crackers and the docile, cute, and cuddly deer become pushy, impatient biters! It was quite the eye opener! My husband also was curious as to why the deer didn’t bother the vendors who sold the deer crackers.

After feeding the deer we walked over to the Kofukuji Temple that was used by the Fujiwara clan during most of the Fujiwara and Heian periods. For a small fee (500 yen) you an go inside. (Note: no photos allowed of the inside).

To the right of Kofukuji temple stands the 5 stories pagoda, a National Treasure. (Note:no one allowed inside).

We were disappointed to learn that the Central Golden Hall was under reconstruction. It is scheduled to open again in October of 2018.

Next we followed our grandson to the Southern Octagonal Hall. We looked around and brought “omamori” (amulets from Shinto shrines or Buddhist temples that are for luck or protection). From here our grandson lead us down a flight of stone stairs to the street with a pond on the other side.

We gathered the gang together before walking down the street that was lined on both sides with shops, restaurants , and little shrines. We stopped for Ramen (I forgot to take a picture, Fire the photographer 🤪) The Service was fast and the food was Ono (delicious).

It began to rain so we headed back to the station and headed for Umeda to look for the “ Chacott” store where they sell dance shoes, costumes, and work out clothes. Unfortunately they didn’t have ballet shoes in our daughters size, but the clerk called the main store to check if they had the size we needed. She Indus that they did, and asked if we would like to go there. We asked where the story was and she said it was in Nishi Shinsaibashi. Awesome! We were heading there next!


Shinsaibashi reminded me of Harajuku (Takeshita street) and Ochanomizu Gakkitengai (Music street) rolled into one (both are in Tokyo).There were many music stores, the street lamps were art sculptured people, the clothing shops blasted rap, rock, reggae, and other types of music. With all the music stores my husband and son were like kids in a toy store!

Finally we found “Chacott” which is located in a five story building. The store is on the second floor. When we entered the attendant came straight up to us and said, “we have your shoes waiting for you.” Wow! Talk about service! Our daughter was in dancer heaven as she looked around the store. ( it was larger than the one in Umeda). They have dance classes on the upper floors and an art school. Since they had other shoes available, we also got he Jazz, and Tap shoes. (We don’t have stores like this on Hawaii Island), and it’s difficult to buy the correct size online. It was a win win situation! Happy girl!

On the way to the station we spotted the Statue of Library!

Final stop dinner back in Shinsekai.

Then we headed home to pack. I wasn’t looking forward to that 😩

Vacation almost over 🙁 I wasn’t ready to leave yet.


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