Our Travels to Kansai, Japan- Tennoji (Abeno, Mio, and Aloha A Hui Hou

Day 11 

Aloha A Hui Hou-Until We Meet Again

Before we headed to the station we stopped one last time at Tamare to buy snacks hoping to see the two Ojiji ( grandpas) that had greeted us in the mornings on our way out with “Ohaiyo” and on those evenings we came home before 9:00 they greeted us with “Okaerinasai” to say Sayonara and to get a picture with them. Unfortunately it was raining so the Ojiji were not there on their usual stools. ☹️ (taught me to not wait till the last minute to get a picture.)

Once again on the day we were to leave Japan it is raining. I commented to my husband “ Maybe my Japanese ancestors don’t want me to return home, so they are weeping in Heaven.”

Getting our snack we headed to Tennoji station to meet Chieko and spend a few hours together before we headed to the airport.

We decided to meet Chieko in front of the Miyako Hotel since the station is out side the B1 floor and there are lockers out side to the left of the entrance to the hotel. They had large lockers that could fit 2 of our bags, costing 1000 yen each.

Again we forgot to designate which entrance. Thankfully we were able to find each other quickly. Having found each other we headed to Mio-Tennoji, a multi level shopping mall. They were having an Okinawan Festival in the Plaza Building with items, and food from Okinawa. My husband heard the sound of someone playing a shamisen so we gravitated towards it. My husband started up a conversation with the person playing the shamisen, and he gave us a shot demo. This is one of the instruments he was looking for the day before in Shinsaibashi. After looking at the different instruments my husband did purchase a shamisen (he is a musician).

From here we walked over to the Main building and caught the elevator to the 10th floor to the restaurants.

While we waited to be seated our daughter asked to have her picture taken with the cute pink and white cow and pig display in front of another shop.

Before our main dish was brought they served us an interesting but delicious salad. It was  skinned tomatoe on a bed of shredded cabbage mixed with tuna and a French dressing over the top of the tomato.

Ihad the sea food bowl that came with bread. It was Oishii!

The view from the restaurant was cloudy and rainy.

Unfortunately I did not get the name of the restaurant. (Strike three! 😩)

After lunch we did some last minute shopping. (We still had some room in the carryons) with Chieko before parting at the station.

Caught the train to the Kansai airport ending our wonderful trip to Kansai.

Some Tips:

1. If you plan to travel ta multiple sights in one day, purchase the one day pass. Cost is 800yen on week days and 600 on weekends and holidays. Much easier then trying to figure out the cost of travel.

2.Carry a hand towel with you. Most bathrooms don’t have paper towels, having hand driers instead.

3. If you have lots of small coins and don’t know what to do with them. You can as offerings at one of the many shrines.

4. Have a budget for you as well as your kids. We gave our kids. 3000 yen per day for them to buy gifts for friends or things that they saw that they wanted. We paid for meals when we were together. If we (My husband and I) didn’t use all that was budgeted for one day we saved it for those times we went to the more costly places (Universal Studios Japan, Spa World, etc.)

5. Download the “Line” app. We used this app to communicate for free (call, text, and video calls) so we didn’t have to use our data. You can also make calls and texts to people in the States.

6. Check for free WiFi . Most big cities have free WiFi relieving you from having to carry a pocket WiFi or having to use the pocket WiFi (running the batteries) all the time.

7. Look for a Lawsons, Family Mart, Tamare, 7-Eleven, or Daiso near you. These stores are cheap to purchase food from, or gifts (Daiso, it’s the 100yen store and each one has different things).

8. Take pictures of everything (I learned that the hard way). This way when you are writing in your journal or telling friends about a place you ate at or went to, and you for got the name of it or the location, you’ll have a picture (write a short note too if it was really memorable).

9. Plan for more (I had packed our itinerary with lots of do with the ones that I really wanted to do at the top of the list). This way we didn’t need to think ok what do we do now. We a.so had our kids look up places they wanted to go to. This way we knew that they would be excited about going to the place they chose to go to.

10. Take a break. If you’re going to be there for a week or more don’t over do it. Take a half day break. It’s not going to be enjoyable with cranky, grumbling, tired people. Plus you can do your laundry too.

11. Respect the Culture. No matter where you travel in the worl respect the culture. We all would be much happier if we respected each other!

Have A Smiley 😃 Day!


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