Service, Talents, Sharing, and Connections


Today our family did the Sunday Worship service for the residents, staff, and family members at the Veterans Center of Hilo.

We opened the program with “Ho’onani I Ka Makua mau,” (Doxology), followed by a prayer. I gave a talk “Developing Our Talents.”

Next we sang “Ekolu Mea Nui,” (the Three Great Things), followed by a talk by our daughter expanding on the topic of “Talent.” At the conclusion of her talk we ended the spiritual segment of our service.

Talents & Sharing

Next our family shard our talents of music 🎶 and hula with everyone. The residents especially enjoyed the older, and upbeat songs. One of the residents was so funny! When my husband called me up to do a hula he said, “Shake it but, don’t break it!” 😁 Then when you husband and youngest daughter couldn’t get one of the songs right he started clapping and said, “I’m clapping because it’s over.” At the end of our performance this same gentleman came up and asked if we were all one family. I said we were, and he replied, “Too good you guys!” That just warmed our hearts!

Despite the residents being in various stages of awareness, it gladden my heart to see them clapping their hands, singing along quietly, or dancing in their seats when they my husband and daughter played a song that they remembered.



After we packed up our equipment we stayed to talk story with the residents. One lady asked to speak to my husband because she wanted to ask him questions about the song he wrote “Oh Beautiful Makua” for his grandmother who had grown up in Makua on the Westside of O’ahu. As they talked she told y husband about how she had grown up in Makua too, and talked about people and places that she knew. During their conversation they discovered that they were related. Distant cousins. How amazing is that! I know our Heavenly Father had a hand in helping my husband to make that connection!

Meanwhile Our daughters and I had been speaking to two Japanese ladies. I had commented on their beautiful painted nails. The Activities person informed us that they get their nails done once a week. How cool is that! I asked the ladies if they could speak Japanese. One said that she had gone to Japanese school, and could understand but couldn’t reply. I know how she feels, because I was the same way. I’m not fluent, but now I can have a simple conversation in Japanese. The other lady was a Japanese school teacher and she was so happy to be a able to have a conversation in Japanese. She said no one at the center spoke Japanese and she missed having conversations in Japanese. I introduced the ladie to our daughters using their Japanese names. The school teacher asked them if they understood Japanese. They replied, “Sukoshi” which means a little. She told them that they should practice more. She said she was named after a song (unfortunately I don’t remember the title because it’s an older song). Since we were talking about songs I asked the ladies if they New the song, “Koko in Sachi Ari,” (Here is Happiness). The school teacher did. We sang the first verse of the song together.

As we parted company the residents we had been talking to said to come back next week. We told them that others would be coming next week. They asked when was the next time we would be returning. We said in November. The residents and the staff wanted us to come every month. So Sweet they are!

We had gone to the Veterans Center to share our talents with everyone, and left feeling uplifted by the warmth, smiles, and the connections we made with the residents.

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