The Garden-Update (November 8,2018)

New Growth 

It’s been a hard year for the garden with the powdery mildew, a long cold winter that carried over into spring.

Summer was a time to cut everything down and start over. Then the Volcano (Kilauea) erupted giving off lots of VOG that damaged the plants, constant earthquake quakes that took getting used to. At the tail end of the earthquakes came a few hurricanes that thankfully were down graded to Tropical storms. The Tropical storms caused lots of damage, but we were blessed to be spared the devastation a full blown hurricane would have caused.

That being said, I’m very excited that things are looking good in and outside of the green house.

The succulant has sprouted babies. I’m going to be giving them away as Christmas gifts.

The Pole beans are sprouting in the warmer weather.

Pruned the Lantana after its last bloom, it is growing back nicely.

I have 3 grape 🍇 tomato plants that are beginning to flower. Hoping that the Roma tomato seeds that I planted will sprout too.



I transplanted a bunch of these Lilies in our yard from the green house. I’m so happy that they are thriving! There are more buds ready to open in and out of the green house!

My mom’s Orchids are in bloom too! Love the color!

I had pruned this mini pink rose bush to a foot high, now it’s putting out lots of buds that bloom into lovely flowers that fill the green house with a light scent!

Mahalo (thank you) for joining me on my gardening journey! Happy harvesting!

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