A Year of Blogging – What I Learned

Write it Down

If you are like me you get your best (or worst) ideas when you’re busy doing something else. (ex. driving, or sleeping) Both of these times aren’t the most convenient. l would say, “That’s a good topic, or idea, I’ll write it down when I get to my destination, or that’s a good dream idea I will write it down when I get up.” The trouble with that is, I’ve moved on to something else and by the time I get to my destination, or get up from sleep. I’ve forgotten all about that “Great topic idea.”

I now keep a little notepad or even just a napkin (I get ideas when eating out and having conversations with the others I’m with) to jot down the ideas. When I get home I either tape/glue the pieces of paper into my blogging notebook or write it down. If I get an idea while driving, I will pull over to a safe spot and write down what came to mind. I have a notebook or loose paper on my night stand for those dream inspired topics. (With my phone so I can use the flashlight on it so I don’t disturb my husband’s sleep).


When I first began I thought all my articles had to be a certain number of letters long. Well, if you are like me, I just want to get to the meat of the article without all the “Fluff and Puff.” (Fluff-extra wording to extend a sentence or paragraph, Puff-going off on a tangent). Now my articles are how ever long I want them to be.


If you’re getting into blogging because you’ve read those articles about how you can make BIG BUCKS fast, don’t. Like all jobs, whether you work for yourself or someone else you need to hustle! You are now the boss, the secretary, the advertising dept., and everyone else you need to run a successful business.

iPad vs. Laptop

When I began, I was using my laptop. Unfortunately it caught a virus and I’ve not taken it in to have it cleaned (priorities). Since then I have been using our iPad. It’s not as convenient. I’m NOT one of those people who can type 30 wpm using just two fingers (my kids tell me to use my thumbs instead of my middle fingers, but it’s more comfortable for me). Also some applications don’t work (at least I don’t know about it) on the iPad like it does on the laptop.

Life Happens

At the start of this venture I was a stay at home mom, homeschooling our youngest daughter. I thought I would have a lot of time to blog. Which I did at the first quarter of the year, then came the second when we had to prep for our oldest daughter’s graduation, and our trip to Japan. Posts got less and less frequent, and Contests stopped.

Then I got onto the subbing list at a nearby elementary school and was working once again outside of the home. I enjoy Blogging, but I LOVE working with the children!

At first I would get down on myself because I wasn’t putting out an article twice a month or even once A month. Then I realized, life is too short to get down on yourself. My schedule is my own, we’re all on a different journey in this life. Don’t stress about the little things. Life is to be lived, then when you have a quiet moment write a bog article about what you have experienced. Be positive, be kind, and be at peace with yourself.

Have I Accomplished My Goals?

Yes and No.

I’ve accomplished my Pinterest goal in gaining more visitors to my page, from a few hundred to a few thousands. Now I need to learn what to do with all this traffic and how to keep it consistent. (One goal accomplished, leads to a new one). I’m going to take my friends advice and purchase “Pinterest Ninja.”

I didn’t move to a different server. Mostly out of laziness. Will I hang on to this goal? I really don’t know, and that’s okay.

What’ Next?

I want to learn more about how to add affiliate links onto/into my site and articles. Especially Trip Advisor who I’ve written reviews for, I want to link those reviews to my blog site, and visa versa.

Two goals are good, if/when I have accomplished them I will write an article about it.

Until then blessings for a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful, Kinder, and Prosperous New Year for us all!

Have a wonderful 2019!

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