Slugs & Ashes

I’ve had this on going battle with slugs invading my green house and outside beds. This past week I lost 4 Lily buds to the appetites of the slugs.

Slug(s) ate through the base of the bud stem.

I remembered that the last time the Lilies bloomed I had placed ashes from our fire place around them. Today I did it again to see if this was the reason the slugs stayed away from the Lilies.

It looks like snow, but isn’t ashes.

There is still 1 more bud that hasn’t been eaten and I hope I am able to save it.

It’s been eaten a little, but I am hoping I can save it.

I also found this huge caterpillar 🐛 heading to my green house 😫 I threw it it into the deep bush.

Uninvited visitor.

I will update soon!

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