Arcanium Unbounded

Brandon Sanderson


Genre: Science Fiction/ Fantasy 

Don’t be intimidated by the number of pages in this book. It is a compilation of different stories from Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere Collection. It has stories from the different series within the Cosmere, and stand alone stories. However each story is connected. There are spoiler alerts for those that have not read a certain series preventing you from finding out the ending of that series, which are written about the lesser characters in the series. 

The narrator is an archivist who has been traveling throughout the Cosmere studying the different solar systems in that galaxy.

This is a must read for fans of the Cosmere Universe! Reading the stories, especially those with connections to the different series helped me to clarify some things and caused more questions to pop into my mind. The nagging question for me is, “Is Kelsier Hoid?,” and how will Mr. Sanderson culminate all the different worlds into one? It also made me want to reread one of the series, and get my hands on the other books I haven’t read yet! It reminds me of the marvel universe, every series has its different characters, but to understand fully one story you must see (read) the others. I just hope Mr. Sanderson won’t make us wait (like Robert Jordan) for the climactic ending to this multi universe series!

Happy Reading 


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