Buying Roses for Easter Gifts

I Didn’t Think to Look

About 3 weeks ago I brought 5 little bushes of roses in different hues for myself and our daughters for Easter gifts instead of candies . They were in pots covered by wrapping, and in cute ceramic holders. The wrapping and ceramic holder were pretty and festive. The pretty packaging distracted me when we were choosing the plants. We looked to make sure that the rose bushes had nice and healthy upper stems, leaves, flowers, and buds.

This one has the paper wrapping.
This one is in a cute ceramic pot.


The roses were doing well for about a week, then I started to notice the yellow rose buds were dropping. I removed the wrapping to check the lower stems and found that there was the beginning signs of powdery mildew.

Powdery mildew.

I clipped the infected parts, and sprayed with a need oil and water solution that I use on my tomato 🍅 plants,but it doesn’t seem to be working, it’s now on the buds and flowers.

Beginning of powdery mildew infection.

My next skeptic is to place this plant in the green house to keep it from the constant misty rain we have here in Volcano, Hawaii. It looks like they (the growers) put 3 separate plants into one pot to make the bush look fuller. 1 of the groupings has the powdery mildew. I’m hoping to save the other 2.

Rose not affected by the powdery mildew.

I will return with an update on the health of the roses 🌹.

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