Update on Roses

Doing well since my last post!

What I did since my last post.

I posted about my roses 🌹 not being healthy on my Facebook page and got helpful tips from family and friends. Here’s what they said.

Move the roses 🌹 to a dry, sunny spot. (I moved the roses from the wet side of our lanai (porch) to the other).

They don’t like it when they are too wet, or soaked roots. (I stopped watering them all over, just the root area every other day).

Take them out of the pot that you brought the in at the store, they usually put more than one plant in a pot to make it look fuller. Replant in a mixture of potting soil, and cinder for drainage, and sprinkle “BioAdvance-All-in-One Rose & Flower Care around the outer edges of the pot (not directly on the the roots nearest the stem of the plant) a month after transplanting, replenishing every 4-6 weeks.

This is a perfect example of having more than one plant in a pot. I was lucky and got two different colors in one put.
Here are the two different rose bushes after transplanting them into separate pots.

I sprayed the roots of the rose 🌹 bushes with Neem oil to kill the powdery mildew at the roots. Placed the plants in new pots with cinder and potting soil, and added the plant food.

This is what the bottle looks like. I got the granules instead of the liquid. I like that it’s all-in-one so you don’t need to buy 3 different bottles and it’s good for other flowers as well.
This picture and the first shows the health of the plant since last month.
This pot also had four bushes in the pot. Two were not salvageable to my disappointment.

Since my last post I got another mini rose bush in a deep orange color. It’s my mom’s (she past away) favorite color.

Keeping my fingers crossed that the roses will continue to thrive here in Volcano, Hawaii. I’ll probably have to move them into the greenhouse in the winter to keep them from getting too damp from the constant misty days.

Until next time, happy gardening!

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