Update On Roses 🌹 2

(Yes, I named the roses 🌹)

It’s been a month since my last update

I was able to save 2 of the plants that were infested with the powdery mildew. I transplanted each into their own pots. The one on the right looked like the one on the left, now it’s nicely growing healthy and there’s a bud at the top. The one on the left only had one grouping of leaves, but it’s starting to put out more leaves.
Snow ❄️
Is doing well. I still have to spray Neem once a week, but Snow looks healthy now! 😁
Sal (short for Salmon for its color) left.
Scarlet bottom right, and
Sal’s bush is filling with new buds, as well as Yellow.
Scarlet, was the smallest of the rose 🌹 bushes but she is finally starting to have more buds.

I’m waiting for Peach 🍑 to start putting out buds. There is one, and when it starts to open I will photograph it and post.

Until Next Time,

Happy Gardening!

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