Update: Roses 🌹 3

Here is an updated picture of the two plants that I had transferred into their own pots from the original pots that had 3 other plants in them to make the pots look fuller. The one on the right I have named “ Momo no Ko” (child of Momo) since it’s from the same pot as Momo (peach-Japanese). I have not named the one on the left yet because I am waiting for the buds (there are two) to open to see what color they are. I think it’s from the same pot as Snow, but I am not positive.

Momo (on the right) is flourishing, and so is Momo no Ko!

Above is Blaze, a Sunblaze mini rose 🌹. I got him On the discount rack at Home Depot. He was looking less then healthy, with leaves that were a little dry, and shriveled, with a few unopened buds. I brought him home and gave him some TLC (Tender Loving Care), and he seems to be happy here.


Next is Noelani. I named her after my baby sister who got her for me while she was visiting earlier this month. She had gone to Home Depot and saw Noelani looking sad ( basically in the same condition as Blaze) and knew I had wanted a lavender rose so she got her saying, “ She needs some of your lovin’.” Noelani is the first full size rose for me, the others are all mini’s. I have since transferred Noelani to a 3 gl. bucket. Her leaves are a healthier color now. I also added new potting soil, black cinder and fertilizer to help with the healing process.


The above rose I had mistakenly named Momo thinking it was the peach 🍑 rose only to realize I was incorrect when the real Momo bloomed. The picture below shows Momo, and Amber in the same pot (from WalMart). They are still in the same pot, because Amber hasn’t bloomed again ( the Above picture was taken when Momo no Ko bloomed) and their is another plant in the pot so I don’t know which one is Amber or the other Momo (which I will name Momotaro when I find out which is which).

Momo on left and Amber on the right.
Other projects

The picture above shows (from left to right), in the terra cotta colored pot cuttings of Night Blooming Jasmine and rose cuttings from friends. My friend Don said the Night Blooming Jasmine smells just as lovely as the regular Pikake (Jasmine) that I love, but have not been successful in growing here, they don’t like the cold and rain is my guess. The rectangle black planter has more Night Blooming Jasmine cuttings (in the back) and Pole beans in the front. I’m going to transfer the Pole bean plants into the hydroponic bed when it gets a little bigger. The round 3 gl. bucket has 3 Amerilis bulbs. It’s the first time I am trying to grow plants from cuttings. I used “Root Boost” since the guy at Ace hardware suggested it. I’ll update on the progress next month.

From A Friend

At the end of last month a friend sent me this product to try after seeing all my post about my roses 🌹 and other gardening adventures. Previously I used another brand (see earlier post). I used it on the plants (flowers and veggies) at the beginning of the month and they perked up. It’s a little smelly because it’s made with crab and shrimp 🦐 shells. My friend said this keeps tons of waste (Shells) from ending up in landfills, and it’s good for the plants. A little goes a long way, so I will be able to use it for at least 6 months if not more. I didn’t feed the Anthuriums (behind the fertilizer bottle), they thrive on the mulch from the ‘Ohi’a trees, and hapu’u ferns.

That’s all for now, until next time. Happy Gardening!

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