Service, Talents, Sharing, and Connections

Service Today our family did the Sunday Worship service for the residents, staff, and family members at the Veterans Center of Hilo. We opened the program with “Ho’onani I Ka Makua mau,” (Doxology), followed by a prayer. I gave a talk “Developing Our Talents.” Next we sang “Ekolu Mea Nui,” (the Three Great Things), followed … [Read more…]


By: Min Jin Lee Pages: 479 Genre: Historical Fiction Rated: R (Language, sexual content) Pachinko is a story that begins in Korea (Yeongdo) in a little fishing village before the separation of the country into North and South during the annexation of Korea to Japan. It spans five generations beginning with Hoonie’s parents, and continues … [Read more…]

Our Travels to Kansai, Japan-Kyoto International Manga Museum, Ramen University, and Fushimi Inari

Day 6 Breakfast Guest Our morning started off with breakfast at home. Our hanai girls Sari and Hikari were coming to join us. Sari was traveling from Tokyo, and Hikari was coming from the southern part of Osaka. They were both participants in the WAVOC program too. Hikari stayed with us and Sari and her … [Read more…]