The Music of the Gospel

The dance steps of the gospel are what we do. The music of the gospel is the joyful, spiritual feeling that comes from the Holy Ghost. we learn the dance steps with our minds, But we feel the music with our hearts. ~Wilford W. Anderson~ Please follow and like us:0

The Cat Needs A Home, Please Mom

A week before Halloween our daughter and her boyfriend found a little kitten on the side of the road drenched from the pouring rain. She begged us to keep her. Here she is at 6 weeks old with our tea cup (that’s what the lady we adopted him from said he was,but he’s more like … [Read more…]

Toshi’s Okazuya

Toshi’s okazuya has been around since before I was born. We lived in an apt. Above the okazuya until I was two before we moved to “Da Lane” about a two minute walk away. Toshi’s has always been a part of my life growing up. Toshi’s is owned by two sisters and named after the … [Read more…]

CTR-Choose The Right

CTR – Choose The Right Don’t argue, don’t be angry, don’t fight Be loving, Be kind, Be True This way others will love you.   Happy Sabbath Everyone Please follow and like us:0

Surprise Find of the Day

Today while shopping for clothes for our daughters I found this set of color pencils. It was the last on the shelf hidden behind greeting cards as if waiting for me to find them.  The best part is they were cheap! I was thrilled because I had wanted to get a set to continue my … [Read more…]