Update: Roses 🌹 3

Here is an updated picture of the two plants that I had transferred into their own pots from the original pots that had 3 other plants in them to make the pots look fuller. The one on the right I have named “ Momo no Ko” (child of Momo) since it’s from the same pot as Momo (peach-Japanese). I have not named the one on the left yet because I am waiting for the buds (there are two) to open to see what color they are. I think it’s from the same pot as Snow, but I am not positive.

Momo (on the right) is flourishing, and so is Momo no Ko!

Above is Blaze, a Sunblaze mini rose 🌹. I got him On the discount rack at Home Depot. He was looking less then healthy, with leaves that were a little dry, and shriveled, with a few unopened buds. I brought him home and gave him some TLC (Tender Loving Care), and he seems to be happy here.


Next is Noelani. I named her after my baby sister who got her for me while she was visiting earlier this month. She had gone to Home Depot and saw Noelani looking sad ( basically in the same condition as Blaze) and knew I had wanted a lavender rose so she got her saying, “ She needs some of your lovin’.” Noelani is the first full size rose for me, the others are all mini’s. I have since transferred Noelani to a 3 gl. bucket. Her leaves are a healthier color now. I also added new potting soil, black cinder and fertilizer to help with the healing process.


The above rose I had mistakenly named Momo thinking it was the peach 🍑 rose only to realize I was incorrect when the real Momo bloomed. The picture below shows Momo, and Amber in the same pot (from WalMart). They are still in the same pot, because Amber hasn’t bloomed again ( the Above picture was taken when Momo no Ko bloomed) and their is another plant in the pot so I don’t know which one is Amber or the other Momo (which I will name Momotaro when I find out which is which).

Momo on left and Amber on the right.
Other projects

The picture above shows (from left to right), in the terra cotta colored pot cuttings of Night Blooming Jasmine and rose cuttings from friends. My friend Don said the Night Blooming Jasmine smells just as lovely as the regular Pikake (Jasmine) that I love, but have not been successful in growing here, they don’t like the cold and rain is my guess. The rectangle black planter has more Night Blooming Jasmine cuttings (in the back) and Pole beans in the front. I’m going to transfer the Pole bean plants into the hydroponic bed when it gets a little bigger. The round 3 gl. bucket has 3 Amerilis bulbs. It’s the first time I am trying to grow plants from cuttings. I used “Root Boost” since the guy at Ace hardware suggested it. I’ll update on the progress next month.

From A Friend

At the end of last month a friend sent me this product to try after seeing all my post about my roses 🌹 and other gardening adventures. Previously I used another brand (see earlier post). I used it on the plants (flowers and veggies) at the beginning of the month and they perked up. It’s a little smelly because it’s made with crab and shrimp 🦐 shells. My friend said this keeps tons of waste (Shells) from ending up in landfills, and it’s good for the plants. A little goes a long way, so I will be able to use it for at least 6 months if not more. I didn’t feed the Anthuriums (behind the fertilizer bottle), they thrive on the mulch from the ‘Ohi’a trees, and hapu’u ferns.

That’s all for now, until next time. Happy Gardening!

Update On Roses 🌹 2

(Yes, I named the roses 🌹)

It’s been a month since my last update

I was able to save 2 of the plants that were infested with the powdery mildew. I transplanted each into their own pots. The one on the right looked like the one on the left, now it’s nicely growing healthy and there’s a bud at the top. The one on the left only had one grouping of leaves, but it’s starting to put out more leaves.
Snow ❄️
Is doing well. I still have to spray Neem once a week, but Snow looks healthy now! 😁
Sal (short for Salmon for its color) left.
Scarlet bottom right, and
Sal’s bush is filling with new buds, as well as Yellow.
Scarlet, was the smallest of the rose 🌹 bushes but she is finally starting to have more buds.

I’m waiting for Peach 🍑 to start putting out buds. There is one, and when it starts to open I will photograph it and post.

Until Next Time,

Happy Gardening!

Update on Roses

Doing well since my last post!

What I did since my last post.

I posted about my roses 🌹 not being healthy on my Facebook page and got helpful tips from family and friends. Here’s what they said.

Move the roses 🌹 to a dry, sunny spot. (I moved the roses from the wet side of our lanai (porch) to the other).

They don’t like it when they are too wet, or soaked roots. (I stopped watering them all over, just the root area every other day).

Take them out of the pot that you brought the in at the store, they usually put more than one plant in a pot to make it look fuller. Replant in a mixture of potting soil, and cinder for drainage, and sprinkle “BioAdvance-All-in-One Rose & Flower Care around the outer edges of the pot (not directly on the the roots nearest the stem of the plant) a month after transplanting, replenishing every 4-6 weeks.

This is a perfect example of having more than one plant in a pot. I was lucky and got two different colors in one put.
Here are the two different rose bushes after transplanting them into separate pots.

I sprayed the roots of the rose 🌹 bushes with Neem oil to kill the powdery mildew at the roots. Placed the plants in new pots with cinder and potting soil, and added the plant food.

This is what the bottle looks like. I got the granules instead of the liquid. I like that it’s all-in-one so you don’t need to buy 3 different bottles and it’s good for other flowers as well.
This picture and the first shows the health of the plant since last month.
This pot also had four bushes in the pot. Two were not salvageable to my disappointment.

Since my last post I got another mini rose bush in a deep orange color. It’s my mom’s (she past away) favorite color.

Keeping my fingers crossed that the roses will continue to thrive here in Volcano, Hawaii. I’ll probably have to move them into the greenhouse in the winter to keep them from getting too damp from the constant misty days.

Until next time, happy gardening!

Buying Roses for Easter Gifts

I Didn’t Think to Look

About 3 weeks ago I brought 5 little bushes of roses in different hues for myself and our daughters for Easter gifts instead of candies . They were in pots covered by wrapping, and in cute ceramic holders. The wrapping and ceramic holder were pretty and festive. The pretty packaging distracted me when we were choosing the plants. We looked to make sure that the rose bushes had nice and healthy upper stems, leaves, flowers, and buds.

This one has the paper wrapping.
This one is in a cute ceramic pot.


The roses were doing well for about a week, then I started to notice the yellow rose buds were dropping. I removed the wrapping to check the lower stems and found that there was the beginning signs of powdery mildew.

Powdery mildew.

I clipped the infected parts, and sprayed with a need oil and water solution that I use on my tomato 🍅 plants,but it doesn’t seem to be working, it’s now on the buds and flowers.

Beginning of powdery mildew infection.

My next skeptic is to place this plant in the green house to keep it from the constant misty rain we have here in Volcano, Hawaii. It looks like they (the growers) put 3 separate plants into one pot to make the bush look fuller. 1 of the groupings has the powdery mildew. I’m hoping to save the other 2.

Rose not affected by the powdery mildew.

I will return with an update on the health of the roses 🌹.

Arcanium Unbounded

Brandon Sanderson


Genre: Science Fiction/ Fantasy 

Don’t be intimidated by the number of pages in this book. It is a compilation of different stories from Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere Collection. It has stories from the different series within the Cosmere, and stand alone stories. However each story is connected. There are spoiler alerts for those that have not read a certain series preventing you from finding out the ending of that series, which are written about the lesser characters in the series. 

The narrator is an archivist who has been traveling throughout the Cosmere studying the different solar systems in that galaxy.

This is a must read for fans of the Cosmere Universe! Reading the stories, especially those with connections to the different series helped me to clarify some things and caused more questions to pop into my mind. The nagging question for me is, “Is Kelsier Hoid?,” and how will Mr. Sanderson culminate all the different worlds into one? It also made me want to reread one of the series, and get my hands on the other books I haven’t read yet! It reminds me of the marvel universe, every series has its different characters, but to understand fully one story you must see (read) the others. I just hope Mr. Sanderson won’t make us wait (like Robert Jordan) for the climactic ending to this multi universe series!

Happy Reading 


Slugs & Ashes

I’ve had this on going battle with slugs invading my green house and outside beds. This past week I lost 4 Lily buds to the appetites of the slugs.

Slug(s) ate through the base of the bud stem.

I remembered that the last time the Lilies bloomed I had placed ashes from our fire place around them. Today I did it again to see if this was the reason the slugs stayed away from the Lilies.

It looks like snow, but isn’t ashes.

There is still 1 more bud that hasn’t been eaten and I hope I am able to save it.

It’s been eaten a little, but I am hoping I can save it.

I also found this huge caterpillar 🐛 heading to my green house 😫 I threw it it into the deep bush.

Uninvited visitor.

I will update soon!

A Year of Blogging – What I Learned

Write it Down

If you are like me you get your best (or worst) ideas when you’re busy doing something else. (ex. driving, or sleeping) Both of these times aren’t the most convenient. l would say, “That’s a good topic, or idea, I’ll write it down when I get to my destination, or that’s a good dream idea I will write it down when I get up.” The trouble with that is, I’ve moved on to something else and by the time I get to my destination, or get up from sleep. I’ve forgotten all about that “Great topic idea.”

I now keep a little notepad or even just a napkin (I get ideas when eating out and having conversations with the others I’m with) to jot down the ideas. When I get home I either tape/glue the pieces of paper into my blogging notebook or write it down. If I get an idea while driving, I will pull over to a safe spot and write down what came to mind. I have a notebook or loose paper on my night stand for those dream inspired topics. (With my phone so I can use the flashlight on it so I don’t disturb my husband’s sleep).


When I first began I thought all my articles had to be a certain number of letters long. Well, if you are like me, I just want to get to the meat of the article without all the “Fluff and Puff.” (Fluff-extra wording to extend a sentence or paragraph, Puff-going off on a tangent). Now my articles are how ever long I want them to be.


If you’re getting into blogging because you’ve read those articles about how you can make BIG BUCKS fast, don’t. Like all jobs, whether you work for yourself or someone else you need to hustle! You are now the boss, the secretary, the advertising dept., and everyone else you need to run a successful business.

iPad vs. Laptop

When I began, I was using my laptop. Unfortunately it caught a virus and I’ve not taken it in to have it cleaned (priorities). Since then I have been using our iPad. It’s not as convenient. I’m NOT one of those people who can type 30 wpm using just two fingers (my kids tell me to use my thumbs instead of my middle fingers, but it’s more comfortable for me). Also some applications don’t work (at least I don’t know about it) on the iPad like it does on the laptop.

Life Happens

At the start of this venture I was a stay at home mom, homeschooling our youngest daughter. I thought I would have a lot of time to blog. Which I did at the first quarter of the year, then came the second when we had to prep for our oldest daughter’s graduation, and our trip to Japan. Posts got less and less frequent, and Contests stopped.

Then I got onto the subbing list at a nearby elementary school and was working once again outside of the home. I enjoy Blogging, but I LOVE working with the children!

At first I would get down on myself because I wasn’t putting out an article twice a month or even once A month. Then I realized, life is too short to get down on yourself. My schedule is my own, we’re all on a different journey in this life. Don’t stress about the little things. Life is to be lived, then when you have a quiet moment write a bog article about what you have experienced. Be positive, be kind, and be at peace with yourself.

Have I Accomplished My Goals?

Yes and No.

I’ve accomplished my Pinterest goal in gaining more visitors to my page, from a few hundred to a few thousands. Now I need to learn what to do with all this traffic and how to keep it consistent. (One goal accomplished, leads to a new one). I’m going to take my friends advice and purchase “Pinterest Ninja.”

I didn’t move to a different server. Mostly out of laziness. Will I hang on to this goal? I really don’t know, and that’s okay.

What’ Next?

I want to learn more about how to add affiliate links onto/into my site and articles. Especially Trip Advisor who I’ve written reviews for, I want to link those reviews to my blog site, and visa versa.

Two goals are good, if/when I have accomplished them I will write an article about it.

Until then blessings for a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful, Kinder, and Prosperous New Year for us all!

Have a wonderful 2019!

The Garden-Update (November 8,2018)

New Growth 

It’s been a hard year for the garden with the powdery mildew, a long cold winter that carried over into spring.

Summer was a time to cut everything down and start over. Then the Volcano (Kilauea) erupted giving off lots of VOG that damaged the plants, constant earthquake quakes that took getting used to. At the tail end of the earthquakes came a few hurricanes that thankfully were down graded to Tropical storms. The Tropical storms caused lots of damage, but we were blessed to be spared the devastation a full blown hurricane would have caused.

That being said, I’m very excited that things are looking good in and outside of the green house.

The succulant has sprouted babies. I’m going to be giving them away as Christmas gifts.

The Pole beans are sprouting in the warmer weather.

Pruned the Lantana after its last bloom, it is growing back nicely.

I have 3 grape 🍇 tomato plants that are beginning to flower. Hoping that the Roma tomato seeds that I planted will sprout too.



I transplanted a bunch of these Lilies in our yard from the green house. I’m so happy that they are thriving! There are more buds ready to open in and out of the green house!

My mom’s Orchids are in bloom too! Love the color!

I had pruned this mini pink rose bush to a foot high, now it’s putting out lots of buds that bloom into lovely flowers that fill the green house with a light scent!

Mahalo (thank you) for joining me on my gardening journey! Happy harvesting!

Service, Talents, Sharing, and Connections


Today our family did the Sunday Worship service for the residents, staff, and family members at the Veterans Center of Hilo.

We opened the program with “Ho’onani I Ka Makua mau,” (Doxology), followed by a prayer. I gave a talk “Developing Our Talents.”

Next we sang “Ekolu Mea Nui,” (the Three Great Things), followed by a talk by our daughter expanding on the topic of “Talent.” At the conclusion of her talk we ended the spiritual segment of our service.

Talents & Sharing

Next our family shard our talents of music 🎶 and hula with everyone. The residents especially enjoyed the older, and upbeat songs. One of the residents was so funny! When my husband called me up to do a hula he said, “Shake it but, don’t break it!” 😁 Then when you husband and youngest daughter couldn’t get one of the songs right he started clapping and said, “I’m clapping because it’s over.” At the end of our performance this same gentleman came up and asked if we were all one family. I said we were, and he replied, “Too good you guys!” That just warmed our hearts!

Despite the residents being in various stages of awareness, it gladden my heart to see them clapping their hands, singing along quietly, or dancing in their seats when they my husband and daughter played a song that they remembered.



After we packed up our equipment we stayed to talk story with the residents. One lady asked to speak to my husband because she wanted to ask him questions about the song he wrote “Oh Beautiful Makua” for his grandmother who had grown up in Makua on the Westside of O’ahu. As they talked she told y husband about how she had grown up in Makua too, and talked about people and places that she knew. During their conversation they discovered that they were related. Distant cousins. How amazing is that! I know our Heavenly Father had a hand in helping my husband to make that connection!

Meanwhile Our daughters and I had been speaking to two Japanese ladies. I had commented on their beautiful painted nails. The Activities person informed us that they get their nails done once a week. How cool is that! I asked the ladies if they could speak Japanese. One said that she had gone to Japanese school, and could understand but couldn’t reply. I know how she feels, because I was the same way. I’m not fluent, but now I can have a simple conversation in Japanese. The other lady was a Japanese school teacher and she was so happy to be a able to have a conversation in Japanese. She said no one at the center spoke Japanese and she missed having conversations in Japanese. I introduced the ladie to our daughters using their Japanese names. The school teacher asked them if they understood Japanese. They replied, “Sukoshi” which means a little. She told them that they should practice more. She said she was named after a song (unfortunately I don’t remember the title because it’s an older song). Since we were talking about songs I asked the ladies if they New the song, “Koko in Sachi Ari,” (Here is Happiness). The school teacher did. We sang the first verse of the song together.

As we parted company the residents we had been talking to said to come back next week. We told them that others would be coming next week. They asked when was the next time we would be returning. We said in November. The residents and the staff wanted us to come every month. So Sweet they are!

We had gone to the Veterans Center to share our talents with everyone, and left feeling uplifted by the warmth, smiles, and the connections we made with the residents.


By: Min Jin Lee

Pages: 479

Genre: Historical Fiction

Rated: R (Language, sexual content)

Pachinko is a story that begins in Korea (Yeongdo) in a little fishing village before the separation of the country into North and South during the annexation of Korea to Japan. It spans five generations beginning with Hoonie’s parents, and continues with the life of his wife Yangjin who raises their daughter Sunja as she continues to run Hoonie’s family’s boarding house after his death. Sunja becomes pregnant from a “Yakuza” who can not marry her, however she is helped by Izak who marries her and they move to Osaka, Japan hoping for a better life. Sunja becomes a young widow, and is helped by her brother in law and his wife to raise her two sons. As they grow older Sunja’s two sons become involved with the Pachinko business.

Do they become successful in The Pachinko business?

I picked up this book thinking it would be taking place in Korea. I wanted to know more about Korea where my great grandfather (Sin Kun Cho) is from (He escaped from the North). However most of the story takes place in Osaka. I did find it interesting that the rice peddler from Hoonie’s fishing village was Cho, which means (according to a Korean friend) little grains of yellow rice. Our Cho family T-Shirts are yellow. Also interesting to me were the two characters in the story both named Okada. (Pharmacist & Pachinko parlor worker) This is my great grandfather Masayuki’s surname. Both great grandfathers came to Hawaii to work. Thirdly , Sunja’s son is accepted to Waseda University. Our family had hosted students from Waseda University for 9 years who have become our “hanai” adopted family. Finally, our family traveled to Osaka, Japan this past June ( 2018). As I read I tried to visualize the Osaka of the past.

There were many ways that I connected with this book, and learned a little more about Korean traditions, and culture.



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