By: Stephen R. Lawhead Pages: 445 Genre:Fantasy, Historical Fiction The Second of Five books in the Pendragon Cycle. This book follows the life of Merlin of the Faery Folk of the land of Atlantis as he narrates what his life was like from his birth, his years spent with the elusive Hill Folk, his short … [Read more…]

It Happened As Predicted-Halema’uma’u Explosions

Update Since my last post: There are now 21 fissures in the Leilani Estates subdivision, with fissures 17-21 active. Last week Wednesday (May 9) there was a informational meeting at the Hawaii Volcanoes 🌋 National Park theater for those in the Volcano community, and anyone else interested to hear from the Park management and Scientists on … [Read more…]

The Winner for the April Contest

Congratulations to Charlie (freckled.fashionista), You are a winner again! There will Be NO contest this month (May) due to our oldest daughter graduating and all the prep for it. Next month is my Birthday month and it’s going to be fun! Everyone can enter even if you won this month! Here’s a hint at what June’s … [Read more…]

No School due to Seismic Activity

Wednesday May 2, as I drove our youngest daughter to her morning dentist appointment, she commented, “Do I really have to go to school? It’s a half day, by the time I am done with my appointment and we drive all the way out to Kapoho they’ll only be two hours of school left.” Yes, … [Read more…]

May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii

May 1st is the Lei Day holiday in Hawaii, we celebrate it by wearing and giving Lei ( garland usually worn around the neck ) made of flowers, ferns, vines, shells, ribbons, etc.. How did this holiday start? It began as an idea of a poet Don Blanding who wanted a special day where people … [Read more…]

Merrie Monarch Festival

For a week every year the hula students from around the world turn their eyes to our Hawaii island for the Merrie Monarch Festival. They watch, or come to participate in this exciting, hula competition. History The first Merrie Monarch competition was held in 1964 (the year I was born). It was to attract tourists … [Read more…]

The Winner for the March Contest

Last month wasn’t a good one for drawing only did 7 of the 13 drawings I had wanted to do. (Life happens) Despite the lack of drawings I still had a clear winner. Congratulations to Roxie for having the most correct guesses. I will be sending your prize shortly. Stay tuned for this months contest. … [Read more…]


By: Stephen R. Lawhead Pages: 486 A story of Cariss, Princess of the lost world of Atlantis, and Taliesin the foundling who became the Bard with the Mystical voice that could enchant his listeners. The story of their tragedies, endurance, faith and love. Stephen Lawhead takes us back to the stories before the appearance of … [Read more…]

Richie’s Drive Inn

Richie’s drive inn is located on N. king street, a street away from Toshi’s okazuya (you can read my post about Toshi’s here: The Fire Before it was Richie’s there was a garment factory where they sewed clothing. I don’t remember the name, being only about 4 or 5 at the time the fire broke … [Read more…]