Our Travels to Kansai, Japan-Kyoto International Manga Museum, Ramen University, and Fushimi Inari

Day 6 Breakfast Guest Our morning started off with breakfast at home. Our hanai girls Sari and Hikari were coming to join us. Sari was traveling from Tokyo, and Hikari was coming from the southern part of Osaka. They were both participants in the WAVOC program too. Hikari stayed with us and Sari and her … [Read more…]


Elantris By Brandon Sanderson Pages: 555 Genre: Fantasy This is Brandon Sanderson’s first novel that was originally published in 2005, I have the 10th anniversary edition that has 10,000 words of bonus content. In this story Princess Sarene travels to the city of Arelon to wed her husband to be only to learn upon her … [Read more…]

Winner For the June Contest

 Congratulations to kandi4kiwi, You are the winner of my June contest “Name Thet Pokémon.” Would you like to join in on the fun too? Follow me on Instagram @ smile.make.others.happy Now to think of a theme for this months contest. See you on Instagram! Please follow and like us:0

It Happened As Predicted-Halema’uma’u Explosions

Update Since my last post: https://smilemakeothershappy.com/2018/05/08/no-school-due-to-seismic-activity/ There are now 21 fissures in the Leilani Estates subdivision, with fissures 17-21 active. Last week Wednesday (May 9) there was a informational meeting at the Hawaii Volcanoes 🌋 National Park theater for those in the Volcano community, and anyone else interested to hear from the Park management and Scientists on … [Read more…]

The Winner for the April Contest

Congratulations to Charlie (freckled.fashionista), You are a winner again! There will Be NO contest this month (May) due to our oldest daughter graduating and all the prep for it. Next month is my Birthday month and it’s going to be fun! Everyone can enter even if you won this month! Here’s a hint at what June’s … [Read more…]