Incoming Ballistic Missile Warning

You can imagine my shock this morning when I woke up and read all the posts on Facebook about the alert that a lot of people received on their mobile devices. Then the outrage/relief when they learned that it was a false alarm. My thoughts, I’m thankful that it was a false alarm, I’m upset … [Read more…]

Why I haven’t been posting much on Facebook

Aloha Kakahiaka, I haven’t been posting much on my Facebook and Instagram (only the drawings) because I have been doing my postings on my blog page I’ve mentioned it before but things get lost in the feed so I’m letting you all know again. Sign up for my email to follow me, no worries … [Read more…]


Yesterday’s post got stamped as today’s post due to the time difference of where the web host is verses Hawaii time, breaking my 365+1 streak. Lesson learned, post in the morning and not in the evening. That being said, this is today’s official post. Have a smiley day 😃 Please follow and like us:0


Aloha Kakou, For those of you that have been following my drawing practice journey on Facebook and Instagram. At the end of the month I will be holding my first contest. It will be connected to the drawings. More details will be forth coming in the next two weeks. Stay tuned for more information. Have … [Read more…]

Helping others

Good Morning ☀️ Today I would like to introduce 2 people to follow. The first is Charlie: you can find her @ freckled.fashionista on instagram. The other is Vera: you can find her @ Mahalo for stopping by Have a safe and productive day! Please follow and like us:0